Nordex has signed contracts to supply its N100/2500 wind turbines to four companies in Pakistan.

The contracts cover five projects of 20 turbines each, providing a total of 250MW to the Pakistan grid, subject to final approval by the Pakistan authorities and funding.

Installation of the wind farms is scheduled to start in 2012.

The Pakistan Government estimates the wind power potential in Sindh Province, where Nordex wind turbines will be installed in the south of the region, to be some 11,000MW alone.

The first 1.5MW turbines for this project will be shipped to Pakistan in November 2011.

Two of the new wind power projects are due in 2012 with each supplying around 150GW hours of electricity per annum.

Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gul Ahmed Energy Limited, Metro Power Company Limited and Yunus Energy Limited (part of Yunus Brothers Group), have signed one project each and the wind farms are scheduled to be built in 2012 and 2013.