NorSea Group has established NSG Wind in Denmark to deliver a wide range of services for offshore wind customers.

Having already secured orders in several countries including Germany, the UK, and Taiwan, the new company will enable NorSea Group to develop and provide services to operators, wind turbine manufacturers, and sub-suppliers.

NorSea Group's CEO John E. Stangeland said: "European offshore wind markets continue to grow and the markets in Asia and North America are mushrooming.

"There is a growing need for the palette of services the NorSea Group has built over the past 50 years."

"There is therefore a growing need for the palette of services the NorSea Group has built over the past 50 years, including seabed investigation, transport cable inspection, onshore and offshore logistics, installation, and service and maintenance, as well as specially designed vessels and other offshore equipment.

"Given the market situation, staking on offshore wind is an obvious step for us to take.” 

Through its subsidiary company ØER, NSG Wind already has several large clients to provide installation, service, and maintenance work in Denmark, Germany, and the UK.

In addition, the company has signed agreements in the US and Canadian markets. It also has two offshore windfarms in the pipeline in Denmark.