Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGE) has signed a 20-year agreement with 8minutenergy Renewables and Gestamp Solar to purchase 50MW AC (66.5MW DC) from the Midway solar farm project in Imperial County, California.

The power purchase agreement was signed through 83WI 8ME, a subsidiary of 8minutenergy Renewables. 8minutenergy Renewables and Gestamp Solar have a joint agreement to build and develop the Midway solar farm project.

The utility-scale solar generation facility, sited on 486 acres of low-productivity farmland, will feature solar photovoltaic modules, related power electronics, and other components including an advanced tracking system that follows the sun to maximize energy production.

Construction of the project is expected to commence in 2015 and complete by 2016. The plant is expected to deliver renewable energy to third parties in 2016 and to PGE in 2020.

"The plant is expected to deliver renewable energy to third parties in 2016 and to PGE in 2020."

The Midway solar farm, which will displace the equivalent of approximately 141,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, will create approximately 120 direct and 150 indirect jobs during construction.

8minutenergy Renewables president Tom Buttgenbach said the annual production of approximately 125 million kWh of electricity by Midway solar farm will generate renewable solar energy that will power nearly 23,000 households in California.

"Strong support from state, county and local officials has been instrumental to the progress of this project. Along with our partner Gestamp Solar, we look forward to continuing to develop the Midway Solar Farm," Buttgenbach said.

PGE’s power purchase agreement is yet to receive approval from the California Public Utilities Commission.