PIRA Energy Group has integrated its energy and power divisions to address a shift in the gas and power market trends.

An increased availability of new lower-cost supplies and changing market requirement for power is believed to have increased the demand for natural gas. This is believed to result in changes in the industrial and transportation sectors for power generation.

PIRA has hence adopted an approach, tapping on the nerve of the market, to integrate the power and its energy department in a bid to avoid complexity, disruption in their operation and volatility in their businesses.

The move will witness an integration of the enterprise’s range of offerings in gas and power, which will be aligned to PIRA’s international and North American services.

"This move is a significant step forward for PIRA and our gas and power clients."

This will allow its clients an access to new analysts, research and tools that focus on disruptive technologies and policy matters.

The coverage will also encompass PIRA’s data-driven, fundamentals view of the market.

PIRA has appointed Ira Joseph to act as the head of the newly integrated Global Gas and Power.

He said: "This move is a significant step forward for PIRA and our gas and power clients. A fundamental shift in the way gas and power markets relate to each other is rapidly taking place, and the research sources now available to the industry are not comprehensive enough.

"We will make it easier for clients to access PIRA’s diverse resources by bridging our international and North American businesses. It is a logical and meaningful direction to take."