Germany-based business management consultancy company Planet in Green Projects has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the renewable energy organisation of Iran SUNA for the development of a 100MWp solar park in the country.

The contract has been signed for a period of 20 years and the project is exected to commence in autumn this year. To be built near the Iranian capital Tehran, the park will have the capacity to generate 165 million kWh every year.

Planet in Green’s managing director Claus Preuss said: "We are pleased to come to this contractual agreement together with our Iranian expert and partner Amir Alayary.

"As our interest in Iranian projects is high, we will consider developing more projects, but of a smaller size of 10-20MWp."

"The solar park will have the capacity to generate 165 million kWh every year."

Planet in Green Projects is confident that the major local, technical, and commercial support will remain available.

According to Claus Preuss, the collaboration between the local expertise, the company’s expanding partner, and the customer network is the primary cause for the project’s success.

Formed in 2006, Planet in Green Projects focuses on renewable energy, with a special emphasis on photovoltaic (PV). Over the last ten years, the company has been advising several investors and project developers about PV projects.