China’s Shanghai Laogang Solid Waste Utilization has awarded a contract to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering (MHIEC) to build a new municipal solid waste incineration plant near Pudong International Airport, Shanghai.

Under the contract, MHIEC will provide equipment for waste heat recovery and flue-gas treatment. The company will also design various aspects of the plant, from incinerators to flue-gas treatment system.

In addition, stokers, hydraulic units, ash extractors, and catalysts for a nitrogen oxide (NOx) removal system will be supplied.

"MHIEC will provide equipment for waste heat recovery and flue-gas treatment."

MHIEC is working in a consortium with Chinese engineering firm Hangzhou New Century Energy Environmental Protection Engineering (HNC), which will provide the waste heat boilers and flue-gas treatment system.

Construction is expected to be completed by July next year.

Once completed, the waste-to-energy plant will feature eight stoker furnace incinerators, each with a 750tpd capacity.

In 2000, MHIEC completed a waste-to-energy plant with a treatment capacity of 4,320tpd in Singapore. The company has already built a 3,000tpd plant in Beijing, China.