Wind Turbines

Siemens Energy has secured a contract from OwnEnergy and a fund managed by BlackRock to supply turbines for the 67.6MW Windthorst-2 onshore wind power project in the US.

Located in Archer County and in the Windthorst-2 Reinvestment Zone, Texas, the project will generate enough electricity to power approximately 20,000 American households.

As part of the contract, the company will supply 28 SWT-2.3-108 turbines of 2.3MW each to the project and provision of services, which feature remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions to ensure the reliability, availability and performance of the wind turbines.

With the help of diagnostics data collected, the company claims that it could identify potential issues before they occur, allowing for a proactive service and maintenance approach.

In December 2013, investment management company BlackRock acquired a majority interest in the project from OwnEnergy. Following the transaction, OwnEnergy holds a minority interest and will manage the plant’s construction and oversee operations once it becomes operational.

"The company claims that it could identify potential issues before they occur, allowing for a proactive service."

Morgan Stanley and its affiliates will provide construction financing, while JP Morgan will provide institutional equity to the project.

Siemens Energy Wind Power Division CEO Markus Tacke said the company will work with BlackRock and OwnEnergy on the project, which provides clean, renewable energy to the citizens of Texas.

"The equipment supplied by Siemens for this project will be manufactured in the Siemens US plants in Iowa and Kansas to support domestic employment," said Tacke.

OwnEnergy founder and CEO Jacob Susman said, "We are excited to complete another great wind project, this time with BlackRock as our partner.

"We are particularly pleased to work with a leading turbine supplier like Siemens as we deploy our construction and asset management capabilities into Windthorst-2."

Image: 28 more Siemens wind turbines for Texas – The Type SWT-2.3-108 for Windthorst-2 wind power plant will be assembled in the US. Photo: courtesy of Siemens.