German engineering company Siemens and Cuban state-owned utility Unión Eléctrica (UNE) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to upgrade the energy infrastructure of the country.

Under the terms of the deal, the two companies will carry out the development of power generation, transmission, and distribution projects, as well as services within the renewable energy and automation sectors. Siemens will also be responsible to deliver generating technology to existing and upcoming power plant projects in Cuba.

Siemens' power and gas division CEO Willi Meixner said: “With this important agreement, we consolidate our commitment and partnership with Cuba.

“We will assist and support Cuba and their people on the development of a sustainable and modern electricity system to ensure the country's economic and social development.”

"The MoU helps build technical cooperation between Germany and the Cuban state in energy-related matters."

The new MoU helps build a closer and improved technical cooperation between Germany and the Cuban state in energy-related matters.

The two companies intend to encourage knowledge transfer initiatives to share examples of successful projects in different parts across the world. Siemens has already started carrying out several training activities for UNE in Cuba and the future programme of the engineering company will also include trainings in Germany, Mexico, and other places worldwide.

The agreement is part of a goal set by the Cuban Ministry of Energy and Mines to modernise the electricity system to supply a reliable and cost-effective energy to the country. It also aims to introduce renewable energy generation supply for the more than 11 million people in Cuba.

Image: Siemens signs memorandum of understanding with Unión Eléctrica of Cuba. Photo: courtesy of Siemens.