Onshore Wind Turbine

Senvion Australia, formerly REpower Australia, has received conditional approval from the South Australian Government to develop the Ceres wind farm.

The government has approved the project with 197 turbines on the Yorke Peninsula with no overhead power lines and an undersea cable across the Gulf St Vincent, connecting the project into the transmission network at Globe Derby Park.

The project includes HVDC cable connections featuring two 300MW capacity cables to Adelaide across Gulf St Vincent, including around 60km of marine cable and 14km of terrestrial cable, linking the wind farm to the Adelaide power grid.

Senvion Australia managing director Chris Judd said the conditions for approval include rigorous environmental protections that address the concerns of the community in its final revised layout.

Located around 20km south-west of Ardrossan on the Yorke Peninsula, the $1.5bn project, which is claimed to be South Australia’s biggest wind farm, will have a capacity of up to 600MW.

"the $1.5bn project, which is claimed to be South Australia’s biggest wind farm, will have a capacity of up to 600MW."

The project will create up to 500 direct jobs during peak construction and 50 ongoing jobs during its 25-year life; and establish a community support fund, investing $200,000 annually, to support local and regional programmes and projects with direct local benefits estimated to reach $8m a year.

The project will significantly contribute to national and state-level renewable energy targets and carbon abatement which include the Australian Government’s 20% by 2020 and the South Australian Government’s 33%.

Judd said, "The Ceres project showcases South Australia’s status as a global clean energy leader and will generate enough clean electricity to power 225,000 homes each year.

"We congratulate the South Australian Government on its continued leadership and vision in the development of renewable energy for the state."

Image: The Ceres wind farm in South Australia will feature 197 turbines. Photo: courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.