power plant

US technology giant General Electric (GE) has signed a multi-year services agreement with Southern California Edison (SCE) to upgrade its 1,054MW Mountainview combined-cycle, power-generating facility in Redlands, California.

Located nearly 80 miles east of Los Angeles, the facility currently houses four 7FA.03 units and two D-11 steam turbines, along with associated generators in combined-cycle.

Power output from the facility is capable of meeting the energy requirements of around 685,000 average households in the country.

Under the terms of agreement, GE is expected to deliver six advanced gas path (AGP) sets, six sets of its dry low NOx 2.6+ (DLN2.6+) combustion system, OpFlex software package and four new unit rotors for the facility.

"This planned upgrade is expected to raise the facility’s power output by almost 48MW, boost its efficiency [and] reduce its start-up times."

The firm will also offer extended steam turbine and premium generator coverage for the power facility, which is owned by the electric supply company SCE.

This planned upgrade is expected to raise the facility’s power output by almost 48MW, boost its efficiency, reduce its start-up times and offer longer intervals between maintenance outages.

It is also intended to lower the power plant’s emission rate without using additional water, and assist in balancing the growing role of renewables on the grid.

Southern California Edison power supply and operational services senior vice-president Stuart Hemphill said: "Our Mountainview station will be much more flexible, enabling it to more quickly respond to the needs of the California ISO system that is highly penetrated with solar power and other renewable sources.

"GE’s solution also gives us a more efficient plant, creating greater value and savings for our customers."

Upgrades for the facility are expected to be completed by May 2017. GE intends to start new equipment installations for that by next year.

In August, Coachella Energy Storage Partners (CESP) selected GE to deliver a 30MW battery energy storage system for Imperial Irrigation District’s (IID) facility in Southern California.

Image: SCE’s Mountainview combined-cycle power plant in California, US. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.