integarted GIS

ABB has been selected by Statnett to provide an integrated gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) for deployment in two substations in order to provide temporary power supply to Statnett’s new 420kV transmission line in northern Norway.

The new line, which is approximately 500km in length, has two sections that will run from Ofoten to Balsfjord, and from Balsfjord to Skaidi in Hammerfest.

Under the contract, ABB will design, construct and install two ELK-3, 420kV GIS in prefabricated housing during the expansion of two existing substations at Ofoten and Bardufoss.

The pre-assembled, trailer mounted and fully integrated switchgear units will provide reliable and flexible power aimed to meet the need for quick energisation during Statnett’s extensive grid expansions in the region.

Upon completion, the 420kV switchgear modules will be transferred to the Norwegian ’emergency reserve’ pool.

The expanded substations are part of Statnett’s investment program aimed to ensure the security of electricity supply in northern Norway.

"The new 420kV transmission line is expected to secure a reliable power supply to address industrial growth."

The new 420kV transmission line is expected to secure a reliable power supply to address industrial growth and production of renewable energy such as wind and hydro in the region.

Norway intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, and increase the renewable share of total energy consumption to67.5% by year 2020, which would be Europe’s highest renewable energy share.

The ideal solution for Statnett’s requirement for mobility and continuous substation operations, the integrated GIS can be transported between sites to supply and re-route power throughout the grid expansion project.

ABB is slated to deliver the units to the Ofoten and Bardufoss substations for energization in 2015.

Image: Statnett to deploy ABB mobile GIS for 420 kV transmission line in Norway. Photo: ABB Homepage image credit: Claudia Regina under CC license on Flickr.