Swiss electricity supplier and service provider Alpiq has strengthened an existing collaboration with Germany-based STEAG Energy Services to expand its international market for the dismantling of nuclear installations.

As the service portfolios of Alpiq and STEAG Energy complement each other optimally, the existing project-related collaboration will be set up on a basis for long-term, strategic cooperation.

An agreement was signed between Alpiq Group’s subsidiary Kraftanlagen Heidelberg and STEAG Energy Services. Under this, German plant engineering company Kraftanlagen Heidelberg will offer its extensive competences in power plant and process technology, while STEAG Energy will provide complementary expertise for storage and disposal facilities.

Both companies will be responsible for planning and executing nuclear dismantling projects as a general contractor or for individual projects.

"Both companies will be responsible for planning and executing nuclear dismantling projects."

The partners will also plan and supply process engineering systems and components for dismantling, as well as offering projects for the planning and construction of waste treatment plants.

The cooperation agreement will also help Alpiq increase its core competences in energy and power plant technology and allow it to enjoy new growth opportunities.

Currently, Alpiq’s subsidiary Kraftanlagen Heidelberg is involved in dismantling nuclear projects, which include the nuclear power plants Obrigheim, Isar 1, Würgassen, Neckarwestheim 1, and Philippsburg 1.

The company has also been working in Switzerland for over 30 years, particularly on projects for CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva.

Image: Alpiq expands its international market presence or the dismantling of nuclear installations. Photo: courtesy of Alpiq.