UK firms Anesco, Farm Power Apollo and Opus Energy have teamed up to install and commission commercial-scale solar battery scheme in the UK.

The firms connected the 250kWh battery storage unit to 498.4KW Slepe Farm solar park in Dorset.

The unit, which will be used to store the generated power from the solar park, will release the energy to the National Grid, as and when required.

Collaboration between a solar park owner, energy supplier and energy efficiency solution provider is claimed to be the first in the UK.

Slepe Farm owner and Farm Power Apollo managing director Mark Simon said: "This ground-breaking project shows how innovation by landowners, renewable energy asset owners, energy suppliers and energy services companies can create a new way of delivering renewable energy."

Anesco CEO Adrian Pike said: "If the UK is to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, while coping with growing demand, then effective and sustainable power systems need to be utilised, and the ability to store energy and manage generation to match customer need is a vital part of this.

"The trio have collaborated to show how solar power can be an important part of the generation mix."

"With this successful partnership we have demonstrated a model and approach to renewable energy generation that could effectively be replicated. Ultimately projects such as this will help power from renewables achieve grid parity quicker than otherwise and reduce the draw on green levies in the future."

Opus Energy renewable commercial manager Nigel Williams said: "This initiative represents a seamless extension of our existing relationship with Anesco and we are delighted to act as their partner at Slepe Farm, to facilitate access to additional revenue streams.

"The use of battery storage, in combination with continuing improvements to the technology, stand to hasten the day that solar is able to compete in the energy market in its own right."

The trio have collaborated to show how solar power can be an important part of the generation mix and a sustainable means to manage energy generation capacity.

Image: Anesco CEO Adrian Pike with Farm Power Apollo managing director Mark Simon. Photo: courtesy of Anesco.