Vestas has secured a contract from TuuliWatti to supply turbines with a total generating capacity of 99MW for the Kalajoki and Siikainen wind power projects in Finland.

As per the contract, Vestas will supply its V126-3.3MW wind turbines featuring its large diameter steel towers (LDST) for the 73MW Kalajoki and 26MW Siikainen wind power projects.

Vestas will begin the delivery of turbines for the Kalajoki project in the fourth quarter of 2014, and in the third quarter of 2014 for the Siikainen project. The Kalajoki project is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2015 and the Siikainen project in the first quarter of 2015.

The Kalajoki and Siikainen projects also include a VestasOnline business SCADA system and a five-year active management output (AOM) 5000 service agreement with options for two additional extensions of five years.

Vestas Northern Europe president Klaus Steen Mortensen said," Finland is an increasingly important market and Vestas’ ability to offer leading technology solutions such as the V126-3.3 MW and the LDST provides our customers with a competitive value proposition for generating more energy on low wind sites.".

"The Kalajoki and Siikainen projects also include a VestasOnline business SCADA system."

In March 2014, Vestas introduced the LDST, a cost-effective solution to increase tower height for 3MW turbines to more than 140m. LDST is a Vestas-patented concept which features a special wider diameter lower section of the tower, resulting in increased strength without adding extra steel.

On a typical site with a mean wind speed of 6.5m/s, the LDST will increase annual power generation by up to 8% at a hub height of 137m for the V126-3.3MW compared to a hub height of 117m for the conventional steel tower.

The LDST, which allows for taller hub heights, is available in 137m for the V126-3.3MW and 141.5m for the V117-3.3MW.

Image: Vestas Wind Systems’ V112-3.0MW turbine. Photo: courtesy of Vestas Wind Systems A/S