wpd has secured an order in tender for onshore windfarms with a combined capacity of 350MW.

The company has also won power purchase agreements (PPA) for 786.8 GWh per year with a term of 20 years from 2021.

The three wind projects include Malleco in the IXth region (Araucanía), and Negrete and Duqueco in the VIIIth region. The largest farm is Malleco with almost 260MW.

"The largest windfarm in the project is Malleco with almost 260MW."

wpd's CEO Dr. Hartmut Brösamle said: "The whole team is delighted at this major success and is now highly motivated in proceeding to the next phase of the project.

"wpd will continue to develop the projects totalling 350 MW at full speed – so we have ambitious plans!"

wpd forayed into Chile seven years ago and has office in the capital of Santiago de Chile. Chile aims for its share of renewable energy in the electricity mix will be 70% by 2050.