Xcel Energy has announced its plans to more than double its renewable energy portfolio and reduce carbon emissions by 2030.

Outlined as the 2016-2030 Upper Midwest Integrated Resource Plan, it aims to maintain a diverse energy mix, while keeping energy usage costs reasonable for consumers.

In compliance with the US federal carbon requirements, the company aims a 30% reduction by 2020, which will be raised up to 40% by 2030.

The firm will also add 600MW of wind energy by 2020 and 1,200MW by 2030. This will raise the entire wind power production on Upper Midwest system to more than 3,600MW.

“Northern State Power’s resource plan proposes nation-leading carbon emission reductions and renewable energy integration.”

Xcel Energy will make efforts to bring the total solar power on its Upper Midwest system to approximately 2,400MW by adding 187MW of large-scale solar energy to its portfolio by the end of 2016. It was also arrange a further 1,700MW of large-scale solar and 500MW of customer-driven small-scale solar.

The energy resource plan has been submitted to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, the firm informed.

Northern States Power president Chris Clark said: “Our resource plan proposes nation-leading carbon emission reductions and renewable energy integration.

“It charts a course to cost-effectively meet and exceed the carbon, renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements of the states we serve in the Upper Midwest.”

Northern States Power is the regional division of Xcel Energy.

The firm, however, will continue operating its coal-fired units 1 and 2 at Sherburne County (Sherco) facility, but plans to gradually decline dependence on it through 2030.

Xcel Energy delivers a portfolio of energy-related products and services to around 3.5 million customers through its regulated operating companies.