Indian state-owned power company NTPC has been appointed as a project management consultant (PMC) for approximately 300MW of solar power projects in Togo.

The company received a letter of engagement from the Embassy of Togo in New Delhi, India.

The appointment comes as Togo, a member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), aims to increase its solar power generation capacity to achieve universal electricity access by 2030.

The West African country appointed NTPC based on the ISA endorsement.

Earlier, NTPC submitted a proposal to ISA seeking its endorsement to provide project management consultancy services to member countries engaged in the solar power project development.

According to the proposal, NTPC will act as a PMC in solar projects and will carry out various activities to select Solar Project developers (SPDs) on a competitive basis.

The work will also include presentations for the project structuring and devising policy and regulatory framework to enable competitive solar power procurement and bid process management.

All PMC charges will be recovered from selected SPDs.

Indian Minister of Power and Renewable Energy (RE) and president of ISA Assembly RK Singh said: “This resource must be harnessed by ISA member countries as RE makes it possible to supply electricity to people living in far-flung areas through distributed power supply model.”

Based in New Delhi, NTPC specialises in power and electricity generation and associated activities. The company owns an installed power capacity of more than 58,000MW, including 870MW of solar projects.

In September 2019, NTPC announced plans to build two hydroelectric projects in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.