UK-based energy technology company Reactive Technologies has signed an agreement with National Grid ESO to support its 2025 zero-carbon goals.

National Grid ESO will implement Reactive Technologies GridMetrix inertia measurement and analytics service across the UK, to obtain a real-time view of the operability of the power grid stability into the control room.

Reactive Technologies CEO and co-founder Marc Borrett said: “Signing this agreement is hugely important to Reactive Technologies and the energy sector as a whole. It is a testament to the quality and expertise of our team.

“Our previous collaboration with National Grid ESO successfully demonstrated the technological advantage of our GridMetrix platform and we are now excited to deliver it as a full commercial service.

“This agreement will lead to the commercial deployment of an accurate inertia measurement on a nationwide scale, supporting National Grid ESO’s and the UK’s overall decarbonisation ambitions.

“System operators globally are starting to see value in basing their operational procurement and strategic planning decisions on real-time measurements, to drive material operational benefits and better management of system risk, as the adoption of GridMetrix has proven.”

National Grid ESO is said to be the first system operator to incorporate inertia measurement, which is claimed to be an important application for companies looking for a transition to a renewable energy mix.

The six-year agreement includes two phases. The first phase consists of the construction and delivery of hardware and software, while the second five-year phase will entail the provision of inertia measurement services.

Hardware that will be used in the project includes ultra-capacitors, which will be used to ‘inject power’ into the grid, while Reactive Technologies’ proprietary measurement units directly measure the response.

To meet its 2025 zero-carbon goals, National Grid ESO will have to incorporate new technologies to keep ahead of rapid changes in the energy sector.