US-based energy asset manager Rise Light & Power has proposed a 3.9GW offshore wind transmission project in Queens, New York City (NYC), as a replacement for existing fossil fuel generation.

The Queensboro Renewable Express project is part of Rise’s Renewable Ravenswood vision, which aims to convert NYC’s largest fossil fuel power plant, Ravenswood Generating Station, into a renewable energy hub.

Rise Light & Power claims that the Queensboro Renewable Express could ‘efficiently’ deliver energy from the Atlantic Ocean to consumers in a ‘cost-effective’ manner.

It added that the project has the capability to permanently replace the city’s 1960s-era fossil fuel generation capacity, preserve union jobs and power up to two million homes.

Rise Light & Power CEO Clint Plummer said: “As home to New York City’s largest power generator, there are countless reasons to interconnect gigawatts of new offshore wind energy at the Ravenswood site.

“We can leverage our existing infrastructure and waterfront location to deliver a low-cost, low-risk offshore wind transmission system.

“Queensboro Renewable Express, as part of the larger Renewable Ravenswood vision, is designed in partnership with our neighbours and community, and we are excited to make it a reality.”

Rise Light & Power said that it has been developing the Queensboro project for more than two years.

To date, the company has completed 255 miles of geophysical surveys in New York Harbour to identify a suitable location for buried, submarine, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables.

US Congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney said: “Renewable Ravenswood offered a compelling vision for the site, and this announcement is the next step in making that vision a reality.

“The table is set for a just transition to renewables, and I look forward to collaborating with our partners in New York State government to make this happen.”

Rise Light & Power is a wholly owned affiliate of asset management company LS Power.