UK-based Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) has launched its third-generation distributed energy resource management system (DERMS), ANM Strata 3.0.

ANM Strata 3.0 has been designed to make it easier for power companies to monitor and manage several distributed energy resources (DER) at the same time.

Currently, power companies can manage only restricted number of devices using the existing utility control systems.

SGS products head Colin Gault said: “ANM Strata 3.0 is a leap forward in network operators’ abilities to meet the challenges of reaching net-zero and tackling the climate emergency.

“Renewable energy and energy storage are essential components to decarbonise our power networks and this is the software that will enable much larger numbers of energy devices to be integrated into the grid while maintaining stability.

“With the latest version of our software, we have made some foundational changes to the underlying platform that support our product vision of mass scalability with no impact on availability, security or performance.”

The company explained that its latest version of DERMS can help power companies meet mandatory renewable energy targets set by state and local utility commissions.

The new product is also designed to reduce data privacy problems as it comes with ‘the latest cyber-security features and specialised data management functions’.

In addition, SGS’ software helps keep the grid stable with its improved battery energy storage management capability.

Last July, SGS unveiled ANM Strata 2.0, the advanced version of its distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) software.