SIMEC Atlantis Energy has signed terms with Alderney Electricity (AEL) to supply power from a proposed tidal array in the Raz Blanchard to the island of Alderney in the Channel Islands. The terms were signed through’s SIMEC’s joint venture (JV) Normandie Hydroliennes

The agreement is expected to minimise the island’s dependency on carbon-intensive diesel generation.

Normandie Hydroliennes is a JV between SIMEC, Normandie Participations and Efinor.

SIMEC Atlantis CEO Tim Cornelius said: “We are absolutely delighted to secure AEL as a customer for electricity generated from the powerful waters of the Raz Blanchard.

“This is the first, important step in unlocking the vast economic potential of the tidal flows around the Channel Islands and it has taken the forward-thinking management of AEL to make this happen.”

AEL and Normandie Hydroliennes seek to sign a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA), from which AEL would purchase a minimum of 5GWh of electricity a year from Normandie Hydroliennes at a fixed price.

AEL is the principle energy provider for Alderney, supplying electricity from a power plant in the region that generates power using diesel.

Additionally, the tidally generated power from the Normandie Hydroliennes array is expected to help AEL diversify as well as decarbonise its energy mix. It will provide a new platform for future economic growth without reliance on diesel.

AEL managing director James Lancaster said: “Alderney’s economy has struggled in recent years but things are turning around fast; the place has a real buzz about it, so this news could not come at a better time.

“The team at Alderney Electricity, with the full support of the community, has worked hard in recent years to ensure that our energy assets are fit for the challenges ahead and we are looking forward to this next phase in our island’s development.”

SIMEC and AEL aim to work together to explore new prospects to further decarbonise Alderney and create an environment for sustainable economic growth on the island.