The UK Government has granted development consent for the Sizewell C nuclear power plant, which is planned to be built in Suffolk.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng approved the planning application for the project more than two years after it was submitted to The Planning Inspectorate for consideration.

According to a government statement, the Sizewell C plant’s development will increase the UK’s low-carbon electricity production capacity and help the country achieve its net-zero targets.

The nuclear project will produce around 3.2GW of electricity, which is enough to power six million homes.

It will be developed next to the existing Sizewell B and the decommissioned Sizewell A plants.

French energy company EDF will own a majority stake in the £20bn ($24bn) project and is expected to take a final investment decision on the project next year.

Negotiations with the UK Government over funding for the project are currently in progress.

Sizewell C financing director Julia Pyke said: “Sizewell C will give a big boost to jobs and skills in nuclear supply chain companies across the country.

“It will strengthen the UK’s energy security and play a key role in our fight against climate change.

“Planning approval brings us closer to delivering the huge benefits of this project to Suffolk and to the UK.”

Construction works on Sizewell C are expected to begin once the project has received a Nuclear Site Licence from the Office for Nuclear Regulation and permits from the Environment Agency.

Local anti-nuclear campaigners have raised several objections to the nuclear project, including its planned location next to the Minsmere nature reserve.

Campaign group Stop Sizewell C said it will continue to oppose the project and try to find grounds to appeal against the government’s decision to approve it.

Earlier this year, the UK Government announced £100m of funding support for the Sizewell C project.