UK-based connectivity supplier SSE Enterprise Telecoms has entered into a technical partnership with Synaptec to facilitate real-time analysis of UK energy networks.

Under the new partnership, SSE Enterprise Telecoms will be deploying Synaptec’s passive sensor networks into its existing fibre infrastructure to provide better visibility and control of the complex, distributed networks.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms chief executive Colin Sempill said: “The global demand for energy is changing significantly, due to the pursuit of cleaner energy and greater consumer awareness of how we generate and use our power.

“Supporting this shift to smarter energy requires suppliers to rethink how networks are managed in real-time, and to keep them safer, more efficient and reduce waste. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative technologies, and partners, that improve the operational capabilities of customers, that’s why we are excited to be working alongside Synaptec.

“This trial, once completed, will give the UK energy market the real-time analysis they require, now and in the future.”

The partnership will aim to deliver cost-effective, scalable visibility and real-time monitoring capabilities to electricity network operators in the UK and help them manage grids more proactively.

Synaptec managing director Philip Orr said: “As demand for electricity increases, network operators must be equipped with the tools that enable full visibility over their operations.

“SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ UK-wide fibre-optic infrastructure makes it the perfect partner to develop this service with. We look forward to the continued development of our relationship, which will ultimately lead to the UK energy sector having the capabilities to make more informed, safer and more cost-effective decisions.

“We’re future-proofing the industry for years to come, paving the way for smart grids and more environmentally conscious energy consumption.”