Swancor Renewable Energy to develop offshore wind projects in Taiwan

23 September 2020 (Last Updated September 23rd, 2020 12:27)

Swancor Renewable Energy has announced plans to develop a 4.4GW portfolio of offshore wind projects in the northwestern territorial waters of Miaoli County, Taiwan.

Swancor Renewable Energy to develop offshore wind projects in Taiwan
The three new developments by Swancor Renewable Energy follow its first two wind farms offshore Taiwan. Credit: Mark König on Unsplash.

Swancor Renewable Energy (SRE) has announced plans to develop three offshore wind projects totaling 4.4GW offshore Taiwan.

The Formosa 4-1, Formosa 4-2 and Formosa 4-3 projects will be located in the north-western territorial waters of Miaoli County.

Swancor Renewable Energy CEO Lucas Lin said: “Swancor Renewable Energy has been preliminarily developing Formosa 4 since 2019. We are excited to support the Taiwan Government’s ambitious offshore wind renewable energy target.

“Through the development of Formosa 4, we will dedicate ourselves to growing the local supply chain and realising our vision of becoming a regional leader in the renewable energy industry.

“We will be leveraging our development experience from Formosa 1 and Formosa 2 with our new portfolio and are looking forward to extending our relationships with the Miaoli County Government and the local stakeholders.”

Once completed, the portfolio will power more than 4.5 million homes in the region.

This week, SRE submitted these projects to the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency. The company proposes to develop the turbines with both fixed-base and floating foundations.

The company has said the Formosa 4 wind farm would begin operations after 2025, subject to project contracts and financing, as well as environmental impact assessment and government approvals.

Previously, SRE was involved in developing the Formosa 1 (128MW) and Formosa 2 (376MW) projects. These are now in operation and construction, respectively.

Miaoli County Magistrate Yao-Chang said: “Miaoli County’s unique natural resources make the county the most suitable for the development of offshore wind in Taiwan. Miaoli County is actively developing our local renewable energy supply chain to support the expected development in the region.”