Iran’s Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH) is planning to commission the country’s first geothermal power plant, Trend has reported. Citing the Ministry of Energy of Iran, it said the authority will commission the plant between February 19 and March 20, 2021.

TPPH managing director Mohsen Tarztalab made the announcement, saying the plant’s initial stage will have 5MW generating capacity. Eventually, this will be scaled up to a total of 50MW.

Tarztalab added that the thermal power plant will use a gas turbine (MGT75) jointly developed by TPPH, the MAPNA Group and the Niroo Research Institute.

Tarztalab said: “The MGT75 gas turbine can produce 28MW of additional electricity compared to the MGT704 turbine. This turbine has the capacity to generate 220MW of electricity.”

MGT75 gas turbines will be piloted at the Buin Zahra power plant. This will be the country’s first national power plant located in the Qazvin Province.

The Meshgin Shahr geothermal power will be built at the foot of Mont Sabalan, 85km northwest of Ardabil.

Reports have said TPPH has invested $40.4bn (IRR1.7tn) in the development of the facility.

Authorities carried out environmental feasibility studies on the plant last year. These looked at how it could increase capacity and efficiency, reduce water consumption, control pollutants, reduce construction costs and improve repair intervals.

Construction works at the site are expected to begin between January 20 and February 18, 2021.