The World Bank (WB) has approved additional funding for the Dam Safety Project, which will support the safety of hydroelectric dams located on Drin and Mat river cascades in Albania.

Around €12m in additional financing has been granted in support of the project.

The Drin river cascade includes three hydropower plants (HPPs), namely Fierza, Komani and Vau i Dejes, which have a total installed capacity of 1,350MW and fulfil 70% of electricity needs in Albania.

Additionally, the three assets play a major role in the connectivity with the regional energy market.

“The three assets play a major role in the connectivity with the regional energy market.”

The project not only aims to improve the safety of these three dams but also enhance their performance, availability and compliance with environmental safeguards best practices, as well as increase their life span.

To date, the dams on the Drin and Mat rivers have been equipped with a range of instruments and monitoring systems.

In addition, a risk assessment and emergency preparedness plan was carried out and adopted by the Albanian Power (KESH ) and responsible institutions, and the dam’s spillway capacity assessment was completed.

The financing will be used to complete rehabilitation works on spillway gates and stoplogs at Fierza and Komani, while rehabilitation of electromechanical equipment will be carried out at Komani HPPs

With enhanced safety and reliable operations, the HPPs are also a potential revenue management source for the government in the future.