For dowelling core drills, break-throughs or wall sleeves in walls or in front of recesses on sheet steel housings. Due to the design of the system, the existing basement seal can be professionally integrated without complex post-processing work. The same component simultaneously seals the incoming media pipe.


  • Absorption of radial and axial movements
  • Segmented ring technology for adjustment to three or five different pipe diameters on site
  • Flexible arrangement of pipes in core drills/break-throughs or recesses

Scope of delivery:

  • Includes stainless steel fastenings for installation on the earth side


  • Sealing sleeve: EPDM
  • Dowel ring: stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L)
  • Clamping straps: stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L), 20 mm wide
  • Fastenings: stainless steel V4A (AISI 316L)


  • Gastight and watertight