The AGV50 is a compact and efficient air-fuel ratio controller for industrial gas engines. It offers advanced electronic control to adjust the fuel flow and air-fuel ratio based on engine load and gas quality, resulting in better engine efficiency and reduced emissions. The AGV50 is easy to install and compatible with a variety of carburetors and mixers. It can be used with alternative fuels like biogas and landfill gas, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. It differs from the AGV10 in size, as it is larger.

Used to accurately meter Gaseous fuel to gas Turbine engines from 5,000 bhp to 38,750 bhp. The ideal interface between the Control system and the Gas Turbine engine.

Product highlights:

  • The AGV valves are linear – Provides more controllability
  • Accurate closed loop on flow – More repeatable starting
  • Flow Control – Eliminates effects of changes in pressure or temp
  • True Mass Flow Calculation – Integrated flow measurement
  • Nested Control Concept – Accurate throughout flow range
  • Venturi Flow Measurement – More stable measurement at higher rates
  • Low 24Vdc Power – Less than 1 amp of power required
  • Robust Flow Through design – High tolerance to dirt and debris