The ALV10 is an air-fuel ratio controller designed to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions in industrial engines. It utilises a precise control algorithm to adjust the air-fuel ratio in real time, ensuring optimal combustion under all operating conditions. The ALV10 can be easily integrated with existing engine control systems and features a user-friendly interface for easy calibration and monitoring. With its advanced control capabilities, the ALV10 offers significant improvements in engine performance and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Used to accurately meter Gaseous fuel to gas Turbine engines from 250 bhp to 38,750 bhp. The ideal interface for controlling Liquid (primarily diesel) between the Control system and the Gas Turbine engine.

  • The AGV valves are linear – Provides more controllability.
  • Accurate closed loop on flow – More repeatable starting
  • Flow Control – Eliminates effects of changes in pressure or temp
  • Nested Control Concept – Accurate throughout flow range
  • Turbine Flow Meter in series with a throttling orifice
  • Low 24Vdc Power – 5 amps or less of power
  • Available with duplex fuel filter
  • Turn down ratio of greater than 100/1
  • Fail Safe Closed for Safety