Non-Welded Pipe Connection Systems and Turnkey Services from a single, global source.

Why Non-Welded?

Welding is a complicated process. The best welder does not produce perfect welds and comprehensive checks require a lot of time, in addition:

  • Appropriately certified specialists are rare
  • Welding is associated with special cleaning,
  • Degreasing agents, anti-corrosion resources, and the use of a significant amount of energy
  • Welding fumes are emitted and are toxic
  • The risk of fire and explosion cannot be ignored

Parker’s prefabricated piping solutions provide a substantial reduction in total welds. Non-welded pipes are more economical, quicker to install, cleaner for the environment, safer for workers and require fewer interconnects, saving both time and money.

CPS Global Centres: Your Complete Solution for Hydraulic Systems

From advice via design and preconfiguring to delivery and installation, our CPS Global Centres save you time and money, providing customer-friendly technology solutions that integrate into existing systems and offer the advantages of global supply.

CPS Turnkey Services

  • On-site project consultation
  • Design engineering assistance: 3D piping models and assembly drawings
  • Factory prefabricated pipe assemblies and kitting
  • On-site pipe and tube fabrication
  • Documentation
  • Onsite supervision and professional installation training
  • Pressure testing and flushing services