Heinrichs’ coriolis mass flow meters measure 1.55mm to 400mm, with a 16in nominal size. They have a flow range from 1kg/h – 2,200t/h.

The flow meters are produced in stainless steel, hastelloy, tantalum, monel, and titanium.

The Coriolis meters are highly accurate, provide a cavity-free construction, are robust, and have a very low to very high flow of liquids and gases.

Heinrichs provides an explosion-proof version, up to 80°C ambient temperature. The meters also come with optional different communication protocols.

Two parallel measuring pipes will be put into vibration – only a couple of tenth of millimetres. If fluid flow is applied to the system, the swinging pipes will show a phase shift from the inlet to the outlet. This phase shift is directly proportional to the mass flow.

The phase shift of the measuring pipe will be precisely measured by coils and then digitally converted and processed in our high-accuracy transmitters.

Heinrichs produces four different Coriolis mass flow meter models, which include the TME Economy Line, TM Universal Line, TMU Classic Line, and the TMR Slim Line.

The Economy line is economically priced without compromising performance. It has robust cast iron housing and very good damping qualities against external vibrations.

The Universal Line delivers high precision, with special and extremely pressure-resistant housing construction. Its maximum pressure is up to 1000bar.

The Classic Line covers most applications and delivers 40 / 350 bar, but can offer higher pressure ratings on request. It is robust and has fully welded st.st. housing.

Heinrichs’ Slim Line coriolis flow meters are used as a replacement for PD meters or where space is at a premium. It is robust and has a fully welded st.st. housing. It has integrated flange connections and a very compact design.