In close cooperation with its customers, CUBIC designs and constructs enclosures for any need and any line of business. Highly trained staff members and sophisticated equipment enables CUBIC to meet the wishes and requirements of customers in a prompt and efficient way.

CUBIC produces individual solutions regarding material, design, colour and degree of protection. The company solves mechanical and electro-technical questions, and supplies a product completely ready for installation. The product does not need any extra processing such as holes or cutouts.

The flexible production process is fully documented, meaning complete efficiency when reordering, while the company offer quick delivery of its products.

Used in various environments

CUBIC’s customised solutions are found in all feasible environments, but are particularly used within train service, transportation, pharmaceutical, food processing, electronic, and windmill industries.

CUBIC-Stanfo’s customised solutions

CUBIC is very conscious about the continuous development of its products and its future solutions.

Its subsidiary CUBIC-Stanfo further strengthens its capabilities within customised solutions through its production of junction boxes, control panels, floor cabinets, consoles, airlocks, and ventilators.

CUBIC’s existing product program is complemented further through its subidiary’s strong experience.

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