For over 43 years, Lightning Eliminators (LEC) has successfully assisted companies across multiple industries and around the world in reducing risk, saving money and increasing reliability using a unique and highly effective approach to lightning protection.

Unlike traditional devices that rely on strike collection, our systems use charge transfer technology (CTS), engineered to prevent lightning from striking inside of a protected area. This is why some of the largest Power and Energy providers around the world have implemented LEC Lightning Protection Systems throughout their facilities and the grid and continue to do so.

Dissipation Array™ System (DAS™): The patented Dissipation Array System has a 99.87% effectiveness and eliminates the threat of lightning strike formation within a protected area by using charge transfer technology to keep the electrical field below lightning potential. The DAS is a custom-engineered system protecting over 3000 sites around the world.

Spline Ball Ionizer™ (SBI™): The Spline Ball Ionizer is UL listed and used to supplement DAS, and/or for structures that require lightweight protection with a low wind profile. When used as primary protection the SBI acts as a hybrid ionizer/air terminal, preventing most strikes and collecting any it cannot prevent.

Spline Ball Terminal™ (SBT™): The Spline Ball Terminal replaces standard lightning rods in new or existing NFPA 780 or UL 96A installations. Like the SBI, the SBT reduces the risk of direct strikes in its primary mode and acts as a highly efficient air terminal in secondary mode.