NAC International Inc has supplied more than half of the used fuel systems at defueled decommissioning US utility sites.

With 20 years of experience, NAC is a leader in decommissioning efforts. Our technology system designs help minimise risk and dose, with proven success with record fuel loading and transfer times.

When it comes to the transfer and storage of used nuclear fuel, fuel debris, and greater-than-class-C (GTCC) waste, NAC provides the benefits of more than 20 years of decommissioning experience. This experience has taught our experts a major lesson: used fuel storage is more intricate at decommissioning facilities than at operating plants.

NAC’s project experience, knowledge and system designs will streamline fuel removal from the plant to dry storage (defueling), which accelerates decommissioning.

With a proven track record, NAC has successfully addressed key elements of used fuel, GTCC, and high-level waste (HLW) at shutdown sites, including:

  • Demonstrating safety, seismic and dose performance over time (all completed projects measured near zero mrem/year at ISFSI and site boundary)
  • Handling and packaging damaged fuel, fuel debris, and GTCC waste
  • Employing non-invasive draining and drying operations
  • Mobilizing large-scale fabrication efforts
  • Addressing unique infrastructure challenges, demanding schedules, and public and government constituencies

NAC International has unparalleled experience supporting nuclear plant decommissioning, playing an integral role in the decommissioning of seven US nuclear power plants (soon will become eight with new TMI contract), supplying transportable storage systems for used nuclear fuel, GTCC waste and other material.