The DEWE-2600 is used for measurements on transformers, including efficiency determination, identification of iron, copper, and magnetisation losses, determination of no-load characteristics, and more.

It provides high accuracy of the power calculation, with low power factors. In addition to the high accuracy of DEWETRON’s full-isolated input amplifiers, the sensor calibration and correction in the software increase the accuracy of the measurement.

This feature makes it possible to insert the frequency characteristics (amplitude and phase) of the sensors (e.g. rogowsky coil current transducers) in a special database for the whole frequency range, which will be considered for the calculation of all parameters.

Furthermore, the EN 60076-1 requires a correction of the measured power losses by means of temperature. This requires additional synchronous temperature measurements (winding, ambient, air flow in and out, etc.) and the correction of respective different calculations.

This will be provided via the math-library in the software, which allows clients to calculate different factors during or after the measurement. For comprehensive analysis, vibrations and noise can also be measured with the same DEWE-2600 measurement system.

The flexible DEWE-2600 system is a portable all-in-one measurement instrument with up to 80 analog channels. With 16, 22 or 24-bit resolution, the sampling rate is up to 10MS/s per channel and each one has its own anti-aliasing filter.