DEWE 800

The DEWE-800 is a test stand and laboratory instrument and is well suited for distributed network acquisition systems.

The DEWE-800 series provides different versions for isolated DAQP or differential MDAQ analog input modules. The instruments have up to six PCI slots for A/D and other cards such as 1394, analog output, and more.

It is the ideal measurement instrument for test benches for photovoltaic systems. This has been proven by one of our customers, a manufacturer of electrical equipment mainly for the energy sector. In the division of solar they provide complete solutions for photovoltaic integration. They have several test bays for analysis of the photovoltaic systems, starting from the DC output of the solar panel up to the grid connection.

The DEWE-800 completes analysis at the test stand, including efficiency determination, harmonics analysis, energy generation, profiles of the power generation, and more, at different ambient conditions and different operation situations.

In addition to the data acquisition of voltage and currents, they also connect cameras as well as different sensors for temperature or humidity, to the DEWE-800.

In total, there are more than 130 sensors connected to the different measurement devices at all five test-bays.

It is possible to complete the data acquisition of all signals at all test-bays synchronously, with the full sampling rate. The product completes the calculation of the electrical power for different wirings, including one phase, three phases, DC and also for different frequencies during measurement.