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Combination cradle

The EVO® Combination Cradle has a powerful, adjustable load support, which helps prevent the build up of dust in the conveyor load zone. It also removes gaps between conveyor belt idlers, to provide an effective sealing surface for skirting.

Features and benefits:

  • Impact bars reinforced with steel
  • Adjustable supports for an easier installation and wings, which adjust to match any standard trough angle
  • Eccentrics in the wing supports give outer bars five degrees of wear adjustment
  • Impact bars are secured with two bolts for simple replacement
  • Available for belts from 24in to 72in (500mm to 2000mm) wide
  • Sturdy cradle base is constructed from four formed channels, and stands up to abuse
  • Available with centre rolls, which reduce friction and require less conveyor drive horsepower than bars

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