NAC’s Modular Advanced Generation Nuclear All-Purpose STORage (MAGNASTOR) system is the most-deployed, highest capacity concrete-based multipurpose canister system in the commercial nuclear power industry.

MAGNASTOR is a mature 37-PWR or 87-BWR fuel assembly system design (undergoing license amendment to a quantity of 89 assemblies), which received its initial NRC storage licensing certification in 2009, Certificate of Compliance (CoC) 72-1031.

MAGNASTOR accommodates the wide range of spent fuel heat loads without pushing the limits to extremes that could be dose-intensive.

MAGNASTOR’s basket regional loading permits a mixture of older colder fuel alongside newer hotter fuel to optimise the spent fuel loading plan, providing pool emptying acceleration at shutdown sites.

MAGNASTOR’s capacity advantage lowers the number of TSC loadings, reducing heavy load lifts as well as the entry of personnel into radiated environments. It also requires less ISFSI space and minimises construction activity, which reduces overall costs while promoting site safety.

With more than 130 MAGNASTOR dry storage and transport systems loaded, this superior capacity system provides an exceptional return on investment, with rapid recovery of start-up and transportation costs. It is enabled through fewer spent fuel systems procured, canister shipments to the site and fuel loading campaigns, as well as a shorter site construction schedule and minimal site debris.

MAGNASTOR’s loading and transfer operations, using a single closure lid, accelerate drying times and streamline welding, promoting processing efficiency and ALARA.

MAGNASTOR is NAC’s latest ultra-high capacity storage system and offers customers an economical and operationally efficient dry cask storage solution.

MAGNASTOR design enhancements drive the following dry storage cost savings:

  • Capital and operational costs per assembly substantially reduced for the long term
  • Greater savings in lifecycle costs for dry storage when considering turnkey fleet
  • Implementation programme
  • System fabricability and construction have been fine-tuned to reduce costs when  compared with earlier designs
  • Mechanical assembly assures low risk, high quality and predictable fabrication and construction

Leveraging 45 years of operations for safe and spent nuclear fuel transport and storage, NAC designed MAGNASTOR to be ideal for managing spent fuel at both operating and shut-down sites.