By using Continental Controls proven fuel control technologies, the GSS system allows for the substitution of gaseous fuels for diesel on traditional diesel engines without any modifications to the engine.

Continentals GSS works on all applications from Gen-sets to pumps. Substitution is controlled by using a variable pressure valve, which provides more reliable performance and less intervention over long periods of time.

The GSS substitutes the maximum amount of diesel at almost any load condition for any application. There is no de-rating of the engine’s horsepower and performance is not affected. Safety features standard on all systems include a vibration sensor, high-temperature shutdown (gaseous fuel substitution only – not the engine) and max substitution limiting based on measured diesel fuel flow.

The GSS uses proven technology that has been field-tested with years of successful performance. The GSS features a compact and easy-to-install fuel train with a low profile that fits on almost any engine skid and is extremely simple to install and operate. Optional satellite and wireless capabilities are also available.