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Engine Coolers / Genset Cooling Solutions

Engine cooler

Transtherm’s specialists will create customised designs to meet the the specific cooling needs of any customer.

  • Standard air blast coolers can be adapted to cool: Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gas fired generating sets on Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR), landfill, anaerobic digestion and biogas projects; standard diesel fired engines for backup power and STOR projects and Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) systems
  • Common factors, including high-water temperatures, low-noise requirements and footprint considerations, are all taken into account
  • Available as single, dual or triple circuit coolers (dependent on low temperature and high temperature engine circuits being cooled separately or simultaneously)
  • Units for containerised sets, coolers mounted on top of containers and unique options, such as walkways and safety hand rails, can be provided for more bespoke applications

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