TAV’s H series vacuum furnaces offer an advanced solution for high pressure, fast quenching vacuum heat treatment processes, as well as high vacuum brazing processes.

Model W (mm) H (mm) L (mm)
H2 200 200 300
H3 300 300 450
H4 400 400 600
H5 500 500 750
H6 600 600 900
H7 700 700 1050
H8 800 800 1200
H10 1000 1000 1500
H12 1200 1200 1800
H15 1500 1500 2250

*alternative dimensions available

  • Maximum temperature: 1450 °C
  • Ultimate vacuum: 10-6mbar range
  • Maximum cooling pressure: 15bar abs
  • Applications : heat treatment and brazing of aero-engine components, IGT components, heat exchangers, moulds and dies, tools, etc

The high power installed, the large surface area of the heating elements and the possibility to heat up the load with auxiliary convection at lower temperatures, allow fast and uniform heating rates and shorter cycles.

A closed loop gas cooling system combines high flow capacity, high pressure and multidirectional gas flow distribution to guarantee a fast and uniform cooling of the load.

A Variable Frequency Inverter allows fine regulation of the cooling speed.

A SCADA system provides comprehensive monitoring and control of the furnace and includes OEE and performance measurement functions.