The vacuum furnaces of TAV HM series offer an advanced solution for combined cycles of de-waxing and high-temperature sintering, with the subsequent high-pressure isostatic densification of hard metal parts.

The debinding, sintering and hipping furnaces are for tungsten carbides (WC) and PoliCrystalline Diamond (PCD) tools.

Model W (mm) H (mm) L (mm)
HM3 300 300 900
HM4 400 400 1200
HM5 500 500 1500
  • Maximum temperature: 1600 °C (HM) / 1900 °C (PCD);
  • Maximum cooling pressure : 60bar abs (HM) / 150bar abs (PCD)
  • Application: debinding – sintering and hipping of WC and PCD tools

The furnace is equipped with a large pumping group, which allows rapid evacuation of the chamber and high operating vacuum levels.

The high power installed and the large surface area of the heating elements allow fast and uniform heating rates and shorter cycles.

A closed loop gas cooling system combines high-flow capacity and high pressure to guarantee a fast and uniform cooling of the load.

The control of the equipment is complete with an advanced SCADA system. This provides comprehensive monitoring and control of the furnace.