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HV Series Blast Damper

Blast Damper HV Brochure

Blast Damper is designed to protect personnel and critical equipment against blast wave created by explosion in industrial facility. Gas explosions occur in facilities such as Oil and Gas platforms and refineries.

Blast dampers are used in ventilation systems to prevent advance of the blast wave, through external walls, into the building. Force of the wave closes blades and seals the building. Protected spaces can be such as control rooms, instrumentation rooms, electrical sub-stations, personnel spaces and emergency shelters.

HV-Series Blast Damper

Temet’s HV-series Blast Dampers are giving by far the lowest damper pressure drop in the market while maintaining high-performance blast resistance up to 1 bar.

Main Features

  • High blast resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Low noise generation

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