East Coast Filter offers an assortment of hydraulic, coalescing, fuel, high pressure elements, spin-on filters and more. Hydraulic Filtration is extremely important to help maintain and extend the life of oil, hydraulic systems and equipment within a plant. Clean and dry oil are ideal conditions which can be accomplished by utilising the correct type of filtration. Downtime caused by using incorrect, inefficient or no filtration adds additional costs to repair. At East Coast Filter we offer a wide variety of hydraulic elements used in the power generation, natural gas, mining, landfill and refinery fields. East Coast Filter can provide your application with the exact size hydraulic element, whether it is a standard size or needs to be customised to fit a unique hydraulic system. Along with standard hydraulic cartridges, we also offer coalescing cartridges, which are used to remove liquid particles from gas or air as well as trace amounts of water and moisture from the air. These filters are constructed by combining an oil filter and a desiccant filter.

East Coast Filter is a proud distributor of Hilliard’s Hilco filter elements. Hilco manufactures a large array of hydraulic filter elements including pleated synthetic, pleated cellulose, Hilsorb dryer filters, hydraulic fluid, saflow stacked discs, selexsorb gas turbine (GT), dry resin ion exchange, liquid coalescing cartridges, gas/separator coalescer cartridges, demister elements, anti-static cartridges and process cartridges.

Fuel filters are vital for removing dirt, rust and particles in fuel before it enters engines. This process is extremely important as small particles that access engines wear down the components within the engine creating irreparable damage. This damage could shut down critical operation. East Coast Filter supplies these critical filters to meet any specific fuel filtration requirement.

In addition to the standard coalescing and hydraulic filters, East Coast Filter also carries mist eliminator filters used to collect oil mist or water droplets from air handling systems. The oil mist that is removed with these filters, is a result from use of machines, cooling coils and humidifiers within a plant. Removal of the moisture and oils from air handling systems allows for proper airflow and less downtime to clean and maintain the units. Available in stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminium construction, these filters are washable and reusable for continued use.