Level Measurement in The Water/ Steam Circuit

Levelflex provides level measurement of condensed steam in front of the turbine in the condenser hotwell, as well as level measurement at the low-pressure preheater, feedwater tank, high-pressure preheater and boiler drum.

Levelflex provides cyclic automatic gas phase compensation, the ideal solution for precise level measurement in all steam applications.

Levelflex is independent of:

  • Density fluctuations
  • Changing dielectric numbers
  • Gas covering of steam
  • Pressure and temperature changes
  • Vacuum (e.g. in condenser hotwell)

This results in a better solution than differential pressure for level measurement, providing the benefits of:

  • More reliable measurement
  • Increased safety
  • Easier installation

Levelflex is ideal as a displacer replacer. It has no mechanical moving parts and therefore, no wear and tear. Levelflex is suitable for pressures up to 400bar or temperatures up to 450°C.

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