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Heinrichs designs level meters for many power applications. The company’s product line includes buoyancy float level sensors, bypass level meters, capacitive level sensors, radar level sensors, and tuning fork sensors.

The BA-type liquid level meter is suitable for level measurement of liquid products in open or pressurised vessels. The device is based on Archimedes’ buoyancy principle. It features robust, low-wear, mechanical measurement and is produced with a large spectrum of special materials.

The liquid level meter has excellent heat tracing technology and is suitable for high-temperature applications. It has a clear 90°C scale, a stainless steel display, and approval for Zone “0.

Heinrichs’ MBSK-type liquid level meter is also suitable for level measurement of liquid in open or pressurised vessels. It has a self-monitoring function for defective floats and a highly readable wide-angle ball indication.

The company’s NWS tuning fork level switch is used for liquids and solids and features time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology, which is also known as guided microwave or guided radar.

The NWS measures and monitors the levels of nearly all liquids and light solids, while it is independent of density, conductivity, temperature, pressure, and humidity. It is very well-suited for media with low dielectric constant such as oil and hydrocarbons.

The level transmitter can be mounted in nearly all tanks, silos or storage tanks, and, for difficult applications, all units can be supplied with bypass chambers and stilling wells.

Heinrichs’ capacitive level sensors work independent of the media density and are applicable for most liquids. In comparison with the guided radar (TDR-principle) it is cheaper and suitable for more economic applications.

The capacitive level meters are applicable for media with dielectric constant of min 1.5 such as water, water-like liquids, liquid food, chemicals, and aggressive liquids.

Heinrich also provides the guided wave radar level transmitters for nearly all liquids and light solids such as oil and hydrocarbons.

Dual magnet float level switches are used where notably very high demands on robustness and safety for level switches are required. The very safe snap-switching enables the separation of the float inside media to the switching unit. By using a micro-switch, an extremely high switching capacity of 10A is possible. Furthermore, the design allows the usage in processes up to 250°C.

NGS float level switches are used for regulation and monitoring of liquids in open or closed vessels through vertical mounting or mounting from top. They are suitable for extremely rough operations on ships, drilling rigs, and oil platforms in extreme climatic conditions or underwater.

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