East Coast Filter’s Liquid Felt Bag Filters are constructed with 100% synthetic fibers in polypropylene, polyester, nomex and teflon media. Our bags are available in a variety of nominally rated microns at 80% efficient. Each bag is manufactured to have a high dirt holding capacity, high flow and low pressure drop to get maximum life out of each use. All industry standard and custom sizes are available to fit any application with either rings, flanges or drawstrings.

Mesh bags are an economical option for the removal of non-deformable contaminants and are available with multifilament and monofilament mesh. Multifilament mesh media, which is constructed with thread consisting of many small fibers woven together is available in nylon and polyester media, where Monofilament mesh is woven from a single fiber thread and can be made from nylon or polypropylene media.

Pleated Bag Filters are designed to combine the great qualities of both a bag filter and a cartridge filter into one in order to achieve longer on-stream life, less filter change-outs and the highest level of filtration. Available in both phenolic resin impregnated cellulose and polyester media, these filters are ideal for use in applications that work with metal working fluids, process water, groundwater remediation, solvents, parts washing and more. Both media options are self supported to accommodate applications using higher operating pressures but still have the ability to be shredded and compressed into pellets for easy disposal.

Dust Collector Bag Housings are designed to capture particulates, dust, etc from air processes and then be exhausted as clean air. These housings utilize either top or bottom load dust bags filters. East Coast Filter offers a wide variety of bags with several different grades of media ranging from 8oz – 22oz per square yard. The most common Dust Bag Filters are constructed of a plain felt, glazed felt, acrylic coated polyester, teflon membrane, fiberglass or flame retardant media. Based on the characteristic of the dust being filtered, the chemical content, amount of humidity or moisture in the process, operating temperature and the type of Dust Housing being used, East Coast Filter has the capability to manufacture bags to fit any application.

Like Dust Collector bags, Dust Collector Cartridges are used to remove particulates from the air to exhaust out clean air. These cartridges are manufactured with pleated media, usually from a blend of polyester, cellulose, nanofiber, spunbond or PTFE, between two metal end caps and outer support cage. The construction of these filters creates a high surface area in a smaller space. East Coast Filter’s Dust Collector Cartridges can be modified and configured to be applied to any dust application.