MARLIN is DEWETRON’s new web-based software solution for power measurement and network analyses.

It offers a clear designed and browser-independent interface to control the measurement device and has the ability to calculate online reports (EN50160).

The interface of Marlin is a web-based application and allows the user to control the device, downloading data or report calculations from different working stations, simultaneously. Devices can also be controlled via tablets or smartphones.

This software is ideal for different measurement tasks such as the recording of disturbances in power networks, the calculation of all power quality parameters and the measurement of performance and energy flows.

The following parameters can be acquired: voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, voltage and current unbalance.

MARLIN offers different analysis options. With only one click, the user starts the power-quality-standard report generation online. The reports are viewable on touch devices too. All measured data can be monitored directly.

Highlights of MARLIN:

  • Acquiring data and analysis at the same time
  • Simple operating procedures
  • Configuration using only a web browser
  • Connecting to the instrument from anywhere
  • Independent of operating system and web browser
  • Runs as a Windows or Linux service in the background
  • Measuring multiple power modules, even with different frequencies, simultaneously
  • Online storing option based on streaming data to a SQL database
  • Offline storing by storing the data directly into a file