The SQC2S cleaner.

The Martin® SQC2S secondary conveyor belt cleaner uses individually-cushioned tungsten carbide blades, which pose no risk to the belt, splice or blade.

Features and benefits:

  • The belt cleaner construction withstands punishing applications, such as high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads
  • Patented rubber buffers allow splices to pass without a reduction in the cleaning pressure
  • To replace the blade all you have to do is remove the pin, slide out the cartridge, service and return
  • The compact design means it can be installed in close quarters, and its narrow profile prevents material buildup
  • Rubber buffers mean that a reversal of the belt direction causes no damage to the belt


  • It is suited for medium to heavy-duty applications, on belt widths from 18in to 96in (400mm to 2400mm) at speeds up to 1000fpm (5.1 m/sec)


  • Martin Engineering’s colour-coded high performance urethanes can be used, and the SQC2S is also available with acid-resistant blades for belts with clips. It is also acid-resistant for reversing belts, tungsten carbide or urethanes. A farside tension adjuster is available