The vacuum furnaces of the TAV MIM/CIM series offer an advanced solution for sintering metal injection moulding (MIM) parts at high temperatures, either in the vacuum or a reducing hydrogen atmosphere.

The debinding and sintering furnaces are designed for the production of MIM and ceramic injection moulding (CIM) parts.

Model W (mm) H (mm) L (mm)
MIM2 200 200 300
MIM3 300 300 450
MIM4 400 400 600
MIM5 500 500 750
MIM6 600 600 900

A dry pumping group allows rapid evacuation of the chamber and high operating vacuum levels, while preventing any contamination of the pieces from hydrocarbons.

The wide elements allow high temperature uniformity within the useful volume of the chamber.

A closed loop, high pressure, gas cooling system allows fast and uniform cooling of the load. A variable frequency inverter allows for a fine regulation of the cooling speed.

A SCADA system provides comprehensive monitoring and control of the furnace and includes OEE and performance measurement functions.

  • Maximum temperature: 1600 °C (MIM) / 2000 °C (CIM)
  • Ultimate vacuum: 10bar to 3 mbar range / 10mbar to 6mbar range
  • Application: Debinding and sintering of parts produced with MIM/CIM technology (stainless steel, titanium, copper, WC, alumina, etc.).